Wax is Dead Regen TRADE ONLY PRICE




Wax is Dead® Regen is a complete DIY ceramic sealant offering up to 3 months of hydrophobic protection.

Regen is a unique formula that’s super easy to apply. Wet the area to be protected, spray-on Regen and wait 10 seconds. Rinse off and watch how the surface is now hydrophobic and protected.

Regen can be applied whenever hydrophilicity is required on the surface, leaving a transparent, smooth, slick-to-touch layer that adds gloss and protects the surface from bugs, road salts, dirt, grime and oils.

Regen is also suitable for vinyl, making it the perfect maintenance spray to add hydrophobic protection to vehicle wraps.


  • Up to 3 Months Durability
  • Super Slick
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Weather & UV Resistance
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Perfect for Exterior Paint, Glass, Vehicle Wraps
  • Spectacular Beading
  • Repels Water, Oil, Dirt & Dust
  • Easy maintenance of Paint, Glass & Plastics


Product Directions

  • Wash the vehicle via your normal method.
  • Rinse the vehicle completely to remove soap residues.
  • Spray the ReGen solution directly onto a clean microfibre, and begin wiping it evenly using light pressure and overlapping strokes while the vehicle is wet, one panel at a time.
  • If any panels become dry, re-wet the surface
  • Leave to dry for 10 seconds
  • Buff off residue using a clean microfibre cloth.